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miss farah: mintak ampun ye

mintak ampun ye

awok2 semua ado doh ko soalan untuk CB?mintak maaf la banyok2,sayo tak tahu dalam pendrive sayo pun ado jugok question CB,baru jah bukok sakni,bukok pun sebab nok buat kijo ecommerce,alih2 tertengok pulok bendo alah ni,mitak maaf la banyok deh.sayo pun tok buat lagi kijo CB,baru nok panas enjin jah baru,ni pun dok wak kijo hok alin dulu.mintak maaf la banyok belako deh.ni question untuk cb.:

ASSIGNMENT 1                             CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR MKT 532 MKT 2012

Question 1

You are the marketing manager of CIMB.
How would you apply the concepts of providing value and retention to designing and marketing effective on your business operations?
                                                                                                            25 marks
Question 2
By using an expectancy theory of motivation how would relate this theory in a new dimension of business which is entering into global market.
                                                                                                            25 marks
Question 3
Discuss how Freudian concepts are used in these ads. Do any of the ads personify a brand? If so, how?
                                                                                                            25 marks
Question 4
Relate two of the chapter’s applicable concepts explaining consumers’ evaluations of
Service quality to your evaluation of this course up to this point in the semester.
                                                                                                                                                25 marks
Mind mapping based on chapter 1-13 for group

Date of submission :       1st week after Hari Raya Haji/Qurban
Group Assignment :        Submission of Group Project / Mini research of CB

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